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First LIVE Radio Show!

Oct 10, 2016

Hey Guys: 

So, Today, I did my very first radio show on WQRI 88.3 FM. It was great. Had a lot of fun doing it. I talked about some recent tech news and played some music.

For those of you that don't know. I will be on the radio every Sunday from 2 pm - 4 pm EST. The plan is; hour 1 of the show, is to do what I do for the podcast. But, Live on the radio. Then hour 2 will be music. With some talking in between.

Now, I do plan on recording Hour 1 of the show, so that you can listen to it after the fact. In case you miss the show or want to go back and hear it again. I didn't get to record this show, because I still haven't figured out how, with their equipment. But, hopefully I will be able to by the next show. 

If you listened to the show on the radio. I promised to include all of the links that I talked about in the show. These will be below. Also; thanks for listening and I hope you enjoyed the show. 

Here's the link to WQRI's website, where you can listen to me: 

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Here are the links that I talked about during the show. 

Google Pixel Event ->
Google Pixel Phone
Google Home
Google Chromecast Ulta
Google WiFi
Google VR headset with remote

Mark Zuckerberg shows off a taste of Facebook's mobile VR feature. New prototype standalone headset with positional tracking. Looks like Oculus but untethered like GearVR -> 

Facebook also launched two new services. Marketplace; which is like a friendlier Craiglist. Let's you search for, buy and sell items.-> 
And, an standalone Events discovery and calendar app. Which let's you browse and search for fun things to do in your area. Also; let' you pull in your other calendars on your phone so you can see everything in one app. Avaiable for iOS now. Android coming soon.-> 

Snap Inc., parent company of Snapchat is working on an IPO for early as march 2017 that would value the company at $25 billion or higher -> 

Netflix announced a new theater distribution deal with iPic Entertainment, a theater chain with 15 locations throughout the country.-> 

Galaxy Note 7 replacement phone(s) explode ->

Tesla to unveil “unexpected” new product October 17 -> 

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